Bi-Pride Acrylic Pin


I have long been a fan of horror but have not yet seen so many narratives with people like me who identify as queer, these pins are a labour of love, I made them so I could have my narrative out there in the world along with so many other people in the LGBTQ+ community. Share your support as an ally or a person apart of the community, spread the queer horror love and raise awareness for horror lovers left in the margins and uplift queer horror with this beautiful pin. This one is especially for my Bi people :D because I identify as queer, bi/pan person I wanted something a bit closer to my heart. I will be doing a Pan flag one too in the future as with all other people apart of the LGBTQ+ community. This is our first run of pins so please be patient with new designs.


*You will receive one queer horror pin pictured above with skull and rainbows measuring at 3cm with a metal butterfly clasp for extra security on the back*

All reproduction and copyrights are retained by ©JessicaFHolt. The artwork is not to be reproduced by any process without the express written consent of the artist. 

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