Handmade Spooky Pillows


Very Excited to Announce our Spooky Hande Made Pillows!


After much searching my partner and I could not find spooky, halloween themed items to make our home feel like it represented our unique selves, so we thought we would make some of our own. They turned out so well we are offering them for sale here in our little shop! These are super squish and lovely to cuddle with. Some even have glow in the dark eyes and fabric. Most fabric is cotton or cotton blends with supersoft toy filling that is hygienic and easily washable. The back of the pillows are made with fun fur or fake fur that is very soft and comes in a variety of colors.


The spooky pillows will be hand made to order, please tell us which design( kitty, ghost, spooky fun o' lantern) you would like to have in the selection box. Please also pick the fabric you would like to be the majority of the pillow. Upon payment we will send you an email to go over specifications and we will work with you to create your very own, unique to you spooky pillow. 


Please feel free to contact: info@jessicafholt.com for any spooky pillow questions you may have. 


*We can do bigger pillows but that will be an additional charge depending how large you would like it.*


Dimensions of pillows pictured above are:


Spooky Fun o' lantern

33cm (13in) horizontal

23cm (9in) vertical


Spooky Kitty

19cm (8in)

23/24 cm (9in)


Spooky Ghost

14cm (5.5in) at smallest horizontal

22cm (8.5in)at widest

34cm (13in) vertical

Backing Fabric

All reproduction and copyrights are retained by ©JessicaFHolt. The artwork is not to be reproduced by any process without the express written consent of the artist. 

Contact info@jessicafholt.com for general inquiries and the online shop sales.